Sam Giannakakis

CEO/Sr. Mortgage Broker

NMLS 460388


Locating the Right Mortgage Loan for You - Sam Giannakakis can help

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Deciding to purchase a home or refinance a mortgage is a big step. Let me lead you to the loan program that's the best fit for you. I am the CEO and Sr. Mortgage broker at Minnesota Home Lending. I have been in the mortgage industry for over 20 years and will help guide you through this major financial decision. For guidance in selecting the perfect program for your situation, feel free to call 612.816.1511.

While purchasing a new home can be a source of anxiety, it will also bring a great sense of accomplishment. You didn't choose a home that was ideal for anyone else — you decided on the home that was right for you! I would love to help and getting the right mortgage loan can be as satisfying as getting the keys to your new home! I can help you get there. Contact me at 612.816.1511.


If you dread all the paperwork that you assume will come with refinancing, I've got great news! Let me show you a frustration-free process from application to closing. If you are interested in improving your interest rate and monthly payment, I can simplify the process for you and make it worry-free. Please feel free to call me directly at 612.816.1511.

I will treat you right

I will always treat you with respect as a valued customer and give you the personal service you deserve. I realize the big commitment you are making in purchasing a house, refinancing, or tapping into your home equity. So I make the following commitment to you: I will help you qualify, apply, and be approved for the ideal mortgage loan for you.

What's next?

You'll find information on this website that will tell you more about myself, what I will do for you, and how to begin. Or, you can contact me at 612.816.1511. I am ready to help you today!




About Me:


Thank you for taking the time to visit my profile! My name is Sam Giannakakis, and I am truly passionate about my profession. The result is that nearly 100% of my business is by referral from satisfied clients, trusted financial advisors and the most experienced realtors in the Twin Cities. My mission is to carefully guide clients through the entire home loan process so they feel confident as they choose from the many options available for their financing strategy. With many years and a wide range of experience in the mortgage industry, my team and I stand ready to assist you each and every step of the way.

I understand that it's not just a house, it's your home. A home is one of the largest financial commitments a person will make during their life, and many people view their home financing as just another monthly payment. I can help my clients realize their home is truly a valuable financial tool, and will help them achieve the dreams and plans they envision for their future.

Most people only think about home financing a few times during their lives -- I think about it every single day. It's their home and their future. It's my profession and my passion. I am ready to work for your best interest. Call me or email me today and let me start working for you.



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